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environmentally friendly

Environmentally Friendly

C.D.E. Collision Damage Experts is an environmentally friendly auto body repair business that their customers and the environment by using low solvent paint products and energy efficient lighting, paint booths, and spray guns to minimize the impact on the environment.

Paint Products

Traditional paints contain solvents; solvents are potentially hazardous emissions. C.D.E. Collision Damage Experts uses waterborne paint which significantly reduces solvent fumes. This means cleaner air and a healthier work environment. These paints also reduce the risk of fire, because they are nonflammable.

Paint Booths                                                                                              

To reduce energy usage, we use fast drying paint products and heavy duty lighting to cure paint quicker and shorten the duration of the spray booths bake cycles.

Spray Guns

Spraying occurs in a downdraft spray booth with sophisticated HVLP (high volume, low pressure) guns. Use of these spray guns can significantly reduce overspray which will reduce harmful emissions and save paint.


All of our centers recycle all cardboard, sheet metal, plastic bumpers, and body parts. Recycling conserves energy, reduces green house emissions, saves landfill space, and provides beneficial reuse.


At all locations we use Sylvania low energy lighting. Energy efficient lighting results in less contamination of the land, water, and air in and around the planet.[divider]